I want to see a day where 

We are not judged by out appearance. 

Not judged by what's in and what's not.  

Not judged by the hairstyle she has or by the brand he owns. 

If she owns the Louis Vuitton bag or if he has the latest Nike shoes. 

Getting ridiculed on a daily basis. Giving those eye-sweeps from head to toe  

To see what flaw to find. Seeing if she has the right kind of skinniness 

Or if she still has the "muffin top." 

"OMG, look at her hips. They're so wide." 

"What's up with her eyebrows?" 

"No, I bet she's a size 20" (giggles) 

"Her ass is too small." 

"He's wearing hand-me-downs, you can tell." 

"Those are imitations. Pathetic." 

Most common: "Ugh, what is she wearing?" 

They say we're all equal. That we're free to express ourselves always. 

I feel trapped. Don't feel free at all. 

Makes me feel that this isn't ever gonna change. That we're never going to be equal. 

An amazing visionary once said, 

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by 

 the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." 

It wasn't only his dream for his children, but in fact everyone's dream and hope for equality. 

Hmph. When that day will come MLK. When that day comes. 

Let's get judged by how we behave in front of one another. With happiness and no grudges. 

By how we react to a challenge. How hard we try in everything we do. 

How polite we can be to those around us. How we respect each other. 

By how selfless and abnegated we can become when another brother or sister is in dire need. 

A time when we are judged by how great of a people we can be. 

Just then, maybe the world could be at peace. 

And not judged by our appearance. 


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