Character Collective Consciousness


Who am I? I am not who you may think.

I’m a work of fiction.

A character you’ve met only once

or a million different times.

A character you don’t give a second thought about

unless you’re graded on it in English class.

A character you don’t want to be

but deep down you know that it’s who you are.

A character you wish you could be

even though you know life doesn’t work like that.


I am Ophelia

because sometimes I go mad with love.

Other times I feel like drowning myself

without so much as one small goodbye.

I know that the moment I lose what I treasure most

I will, in turn, lose my sanity

and my reason for going on in life.


I am Ponyboy

because I’ve made a family with friends.

I protect them with my own life

and fall apart when my sacrifice is not enough.

I’ve learned that doing right by people

is not always going to get you where you want,

but that’s no reason to stop caring.

And, most importantly, I know nothing gold can stay.


I am Holden

because I observe who's around me,

picking out my own flaws by knowing theirs.

I feel alone in a crowded city, and

I stay up late because I can’t sleep.

My mind won’t switch off

and I desperately need someone to talk to.


I am Scout

because I’m an innocent child

growing up with things I don’t understand

and wishing the world was different.

I have found love in the most innocent ways,

and I have witnessed people be wrongly ridiculed

for things they can’t even control.


I am Lennie and George

because two’s always better than one.

But I also know when I should take a step back

and put things right to save my other half.

I have a passion for soft things

and even though sometimes I don’t listen to people,

I really don’t want to hurt anyone.


I am Hagrid

because I look beyond imperfections

and I am gentle with people and creatures

so that they can learn a sense of kindness.

I may look scary on the outside,

but on the inside I am really scared

of losing everything again.


I am Darren

because I really, really like spiders and freaks.

When society throws something away I embrace it

and find meaning out of its pieces.

I’ve made bad decisions that will haunt me

and I can never fix them,

but I have managed to make good out of bad.


I am Alice

because my curiosity can be overwhelming

and it’s hard for me to get out of the rabbit hole,

especially when it’s better than home.

I can be inconsiderate and unladylike,

but there is a place for me somewhere.

I will always have a Wonderland to return to.

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