Chaos Cranium

I have a whole world contained in my head. Not the whole world, but my world instead.

Collected in a memory bank of nostalgia and song lyrics and the actual song if I hear it.

Processed information where formulas float and wait. To be accessed on another school day.

I have wise words of a quote from a book or a picture someone created and posted on Facebook.

I have social media usernames and the names of friends. I have stored memories early on and I will store memories until the end:

The phone number of my parents and the location in which I reside; the Girl Scout motto in which I was told to abide;

The scales for a trombone, the recognition of a tone. The thoughts I’ve had when I’m all alone….

The way chemistry mixes with ancestry to know that when wet, I know my hair will get curly.

I keep the memory of my friend who passed years ago. I have the wishes I hope are granted when I go.

I wonder where my people are from and if I’ll ever find out. I have hope for the future, but I still have doubt.

I ponder if I’ll ever have kids and what I will teach. I wonder if I’ll end up practicing what I preach.

The love and support of my mother and my father: that is a memory I do not consider a bother.

What will I turn out to be? Will I continue to learn? Will I shine bright or crash and burn?

Will I drown in student debt or swim towards success? Will I have regrets or be happy I tried my best?

I want to inspire. I want to make a change and grow.

What is on my mind? It changes so often that not even I know.


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