The Changing World Below the Stars


I looked out my window and up at the sky.

I saw the stars gleaming in the night.

I looked carefully among the stars to find the different constellations,

and I was able to point out the big dipper without hesitation.


I never forgot to look up at the stars.

Each clear night I watched them dance in the night sky.

There were more stars than I could count and see,

but they were always glowing so bright above me.


As time passed, and years flew by,

I realized that some things change, people change, I changed.

But through all those years and nights when I looked up at the sky,

I saw those same beautiful stars that always caught my eye.


Those stars in the sky,

they never changed.

They never seemed to switch places, never stop dancing, never fade.


And I know,

years from now

when I look out my window and up at the sky,

the beauty and wonder of the shining stars

will never pass me by.


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