Changing a Life


When you think your life couldn't get better,

It reveals the positive sign,

You squeal, shriek, and maybe even laugh,

You now have the whole world in your, tummy.

You just found out, you're a mommy!

What to do, what to say,

Which sport will he/she play?

You want to put your baby in good hands now,

But there are so many Doctors.

How can you tell which one is best. 

It's not just you you're worried about anymore,

That ended with a test.

Months go by, your belly is getting big!

She's growing and kicking now.

The night finally comes,

You rush to the hospital.

You scream, you sweat, you push.

She's here! Everyone's at a hush.

Dazed, amazed, and in awe by her cry,

Nurses and Doctors running,

She's here! She's here!

Cleaning, weighing, and measuring...

She is in good hands now,

Just wait, the Nurse is already putting on her Crown. 

Welcome, Princess.




The reason for this poem is very close and dear to my heart. My Dream Job is to be a Neonatal Nurse. Neonatal nurses do many things. They check on the mommies, and mommy-to-be's. They take care of, measure, weigh, clean and give shots to the newborns and make sure they're healthy. Changing a life is more important to me then changing my own, by changing others lives I already have a blessing in my life.

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