Changing Education


When I look at all that could be changed

I decide education is the one

They say education is key

So why not start there

Sometimes you have to remember

We are all different

Yet we are all taught the same

We learn things that we may never use

But are forced to remember it for a test

This test isn’t life

its a test of do you remeber

A test that tell you if you are smart or not

Stop teaching for a test and teach for our future

Let us learn in a way that fits us all

Not just some of us

We are all different so allow us to learn that way

Allow us to grow

And watch us flourish like flowers

Just because it worked before doesn’t mean it still works

You say its about our future

So why not ask us what we need?

Stop allowing test to determine how smart a kid is

And allow the kid to show you how smart they are

Teach for life not for a test

Times have changed so should education.


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