Change the world.


Change the world any time,

does sound fine,

all I need is the mind,

and the word world to be defined.

because my world is changing all the time,

my brain flexes and my life is realigned,

but if we speak of the world outside,

the world on which mine relies to survive,

well those worlds are bound to collide,

at least they do on the daily,

over how both worlds treat the residence, mainly,

the outside hates and hurts itself,

splitting it's hairs by color,

and wealth,

always plucking those that are smaller ,

because alone their lengths have little strength,

and then feel victorious,

but it doesn't see the cracks in it's skin,

slowly growing,

where those hairs used to be,

with every pluck more fissures are showing,

cause even those that were flourishing

are now hurting.

this is where the collision starts

and i take part

not in the plucking but in widening the cracks,

allowing the rest to see

the monsters that be.

Realizing this both worlds are set free.


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