A change in time

Words flew by me as the adults talked.

Never was I able to understand their meanings and yet there I was,

observing as they laughed and not quite understanding what had been so funny.

With my age came the change,

a gradual conceptual shift in time,

in the reality of the present moment.

As I grew older those words they spoke became clear.

I could see the truth now, as if my eyes had been fogged over,

and my mind finally able to make those connections I once could not make.

Soon the adults talked to me instead of around me. 

They shared their two-cents, including me in their alluding words. 

The words alluding only to what an adult would comprehend,

finally proving that I was no longer a child.

Showing that I had enough experience in my world,

suggesting it was time I moved into theirs.


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