Change in Perspective

Flood of memories
Flood of guilt
Waves engulfing me
Brand new set of ruins built
Today I'm ashamed
Today I'm in pain
Life is a twisted game
Wash away my sins with rain
Renew me
Save me
Change me
Persue me
Make me believe
There's good in this world
Hope for a lonely little girl
Fell off my pedastal
Slipped from my throne
This is my memorial
I'm fighting all alone
Wanting to fly
Right over my black haze
So I can see a bright blue sky
And finally be freed from my mind's maze
My brain's cage
Freed from my inner rage
My heart's on a stage
My sanity on a tight rope
Too mature for my age
Trying to climb my upward slope
Writing a letter to the old me
To assess the way I'm changing 


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