"Change In My Life."

Dystopia to Utopia

At dawn I open my eyes

At dawn I feel the affliction

Everything around me and everything around the world is in pain.

Smoke and dust

Death and starvation

Nowhere to go

But dedicated to living none the less.

No one to propagate peace

No one to provide food

No one to lead a mass exodus

Politicians refused to help.

They took what we had and spent it on themselves

Wasted wealth and resources

Leaving us poor with nothing and nowhere to go

No ability to dream of having homes and food

No power to progress

All was lost, lost like the past which can never come back

We had nothing to hold but hope


But… time changed

Bringing brightness to our lives, bright like the sunshine

Embellished like a diamond

Progress started and politicians were caught out

Punished for discrimination and indiscriminate acts

We lived happily, as if none of this had happened.

People started dreaming and thanking god (United States) BECAUSE:

It was the one to change us and raise our standard of life.

We never thought of good environment, big houses, swimming, sports, not even of going to school.

But now, I dream like a dream girl- school, graduation, colleges, responsibilities, success, and

The Value of Life.

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