Sat, 10/22/2016 - 16:50 -- O.Wyatt

I wish i could put my life on do not disturb

As if it were that simple

Everyone would do it

Like a Disease and you found the cure

Except my life is incurable

Something that cant be fixed

like trying to solve a puzzle

only the last piece was never found

Everyday constantly  no change

hope for better days

that never come

Trying to remain happy

but go insane

Only to wake up the next day

and realize it wasn't a dream

but a picture frame

and the picture stays the same


Until one day

A miracle

A thing called change

Came along and turned my cloudy days into sunrays

Even though my body was past the point of no return

physically mentally burned down to nothing

even when i thought life wasn't worth returning to

I saw something

That would turn all the bad things into something worth going threw

But whats the point of it all

only to have your time wasted

and thrown back in your face

and the time couldn't be replaced

Like a loop that can never stop

it keeps going and going

but at the end of that loop you will find me there

trying to find change to spare

for someone else

 going threw the same pain

hoping its not another loop

on Replay.




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