looking for a way out

of the hole i dug myself

i have the tools 

just need to think it through 

its all about choices 

this path or that 


everything can be applied to life

in the simplest ways 


just as the air in a balloon resists being contained 

like that of a raging river cutting its path downstream 

what of the trees bending in the breeze

and everything in between 


its all about choices 

cant you see

no matter the inside voices

you choose who you want to be


its a known fact that everyone is different

but it's also known that we are all the same


nature v.nurture

which will win


the nurture determines the nature

the nature determines the reaction to nurture


the world is 1% action and 99%reaction

you deal with the hand you're dealt

coping with the bad and enjoying the good 


humans make mistakes 

but have the ability to learn 

no one gets it right on the first try 

they can adapt to survive

the most difficult situation 

constantly changing

to survive with at least a little semblance of themselves

changing to be themselves

in all their glory




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