Tue, 04/16/2013 - 22:36 -- araym41


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You wake up seeing where you from
seeing death and crime which makes you glum.
Yea I live in a environment where its one big "hood"
There needs to be change that'll make things good.
I live in a environment where the students feel school ain't fun
But in reality without school
in the future they're going to be done.
I'm just a kid that wants to leave this mess
Go to college and become the best.
Come back into the society where i feel that needs change
becoming a leader so they can rearrange,
Rearrange their mentality, ideas and thoughts
So that one day they themselves can teach what they've been taught.
Yea I'm just a city kid that's trying to go long-range,
Coming back to where I started to make a Change.



Just a kid that's trying to do something with my life. Doing something great so I can just give back.

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