Thu, 10/24/2013 - 18:59 -- Emilyv

You think it's easy living day to day in a world that is always growing and changing,  

Well it is one of the hardest things in life not knowing,

The unknown is one a wonder to us because we are not controlling,

I can change that if I stand up for myself and be the change!

Thinking about the days that I used to just play and not worry just enjoying,

living in life that I thought would never fade away 

dreaming about it just staying the same way. 

Those were the days, But that's not how life works, 

you are only a child for a short time. 

You learn, grow, fall and get back up again,

every day is a step closer to who you will become in the world.

And make a mark, Making a difference and creating change,

showing everyone what I am made of--greatness and making change,

making people see the passion in me,

Hoping people will recognize me and be hope for the hopeless.

Showing them life is what I make it and make it better then it was before, 

Just taking small steps to make the future great in many different ways.

Me being the change!




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