A Chance Is What I Gave


United States
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A chance on success
A chance on failure
A chance on life
A chance on friendship
Take me or leave me
Love me or Hate me
Don't try to make me feel less if
I don't fit inside of your "box"
. . . .I am ME. . NOT YOU
To think it might just work
It startles me that it worked for a while.
Do you know what your betrayal has caused?
Pain, Cold Heartiness, Heart Ache
To think trust is what we had,
I thought I could have trusted you.
And your betrayal has crushed it
I smile when I walk away
Even though it hurts me one the inside
My heart is now a cold stone
And our friendship is nothing but a routine
It's not that you lie to me
It's not that you tease me
It's not that you played me
It' not that your faith in me is nothing
It's just.....
In this case I'm protecting my heart
You let me down. . . .
Crushing my own existence

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