A chance.

If only I had the chance 
I would have cooked you dinner
I would've planted you a garden full of flowers it would make you want to stay there meditating all day long
I would've learnt how to play the Cello
because I don't want you to hear anything but the majestic tunes of a Cello. 

I would wake you up every morning to the heavenly music of Dhafer Youssef to let you know how I feel about you;
I swear he will move your soul just like you make mine sway. 

If I had the chance 
I would become a better person for you. 
I promise I will try to learn how to stop speaking airport. 
I would be the wave that carries you home, 
Tuck you in, 
Kiss your forehead, and never let you go. 

But I'll never have the chance, I never had it with you.
So here I am, settling with writing you love letters you'll never read.
Confessing my longing for you in front of everyone,
But never to you...
Never to you.


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