The Chance

When your given a chance, 

To show the world who you are,

You better believe,

You'll feel like a star,

Just one chance,

Thats all it takes,

Make your life a little brighter,

Even with all the mistakes,

I have had countless chances in my life,

Trying to do what's right,

I graduated high school,

Isn't that cool?

But in today's world,

That just isn't enough,

I am no beggar, 

I'm not here to plea,

I only know,

This chance has been given here to me,

Maybe I'll win your heart,

Maybe i did right from the start,

Or maybe I'm just a document,

Among thousands of poems we call art,

So when given such a chance,

As i am given today,

I will write and think,

I won't let it get away,

I am thankful it is here,

The Chance of a lifetime,

Small but dear,

I may be no writer born to amaze,

But this is The Chance,

The Chance to raise...


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