Challenging The Perceptions Of Homophobia

Some dictionaries define homophobia as fear of, dislike of or prejudice against homosexuals
But many people have different perceptions of homophobia that do not make sense
Anybody can challenge linguistics because there is no real authority on any language
Most people simply adhere to the things they were taught even if they are false teachings

Readers, note that neither disagreement nor denouncement is a definition of homophobia
On this basis, a person who disagrees with or denounces homosexuals is not homophobic
To disagree with or to denounce someone or something is not fear, dislike or prejudice
It is not wise to brand people as being homophobic because they disagree with or denounce homosexuals

Another issue is the suffix “-phobia” which is defined as extreme or irrational fear or dislike of a specified thing or group
According to this definition, anyone who has an extreme or irrational fear or dislike of a person or a thing suffers from a phobia
So everybody has certain kinds of phobias because all humans fear or dislike someone or something
Homosexuals are too thin-skinned and they always surmise that other people are homophobic

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