Challenges of a women

Angry, sad, confused, helpless scared 

These are the emotions of a women 

A women who has been hurt

A women that has been abused 

A women who has been lied to

These are the challenges of a women

We grow up being told men aren't any good 

We see men always hurting women 

So as we experience it 

we call it love 

That being sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused is real love

Not knowing as a child we were led in the wrong direction

Confused about what's true or false

When a real man comes, we don't know how to appreciate him

We push them away scared

 Scared that he will abuse us

We are scared to love

scared to open up

Scared that we will get hurt again 

These are the challenges of a women 

We have been taught as a child that there isn't any good men

Not knowing that there are 

Not knowing that there are men out there who will appreciate a women's worth

Who Appreciates the love that we give

Who appreciates us

But we are strong

strong enough to say enough is enough 

strong enough to not let men devalue us

Strong enough to find someone who is worth our love

These are the challenges we face as a women




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