From this chair.

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 09:25 -- Nomad1c

I sit in despair
under elms in this chair
made of oak
without care.

That wooden irony
is what would inspire me
to ignite this fires nightmare

from all of those sticks
and all of that bark;
from all of these trees
that I've ripped apart;
I warm my soul
with the fuel that I stole
from the elms and the oak
of this fire I now stoke.

from this chair
sitting right here
enjoying the trees
and the breeze trough their leaves;

I am left with no choice
but to hear my own voice
whispering like a disease...


Throw another chair on the fire
Feed the trees funeral pyre;

Ever higher
Ever near
Under elms
From this chair of despair.


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