Chains of Burning Red

Tell me you love me

Replace the burning red hand prints on my cheeks

With burning words of desire

For me

Tell me you're sorry and mean it this time

Apologize and only ever strike at my heart with arrows from Cupid's bow

Make me fall in love again

Im waiting for that man who's promises lie somewhere beneath a thousand lies

They pile around me like stones of a well 

And im stuck deep down here with no exit for I cannot climb

My only connection to the world

Is the rope he throws down to me which he labels love

But it burns to the touch

Tell me you love me

But tell me with those eyes that only ever seem cold

Make a reality the happiness we paint to the world

I must've loved you so much since I chose to stay

Or maybe I just never knew how to love myself

There is more to the word than four letters strung together by a pair of lips

When you threw the word at me

You strung your letters together with chains and whips


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