Chagrin, be the Dais Hussy!


I stand upon the dais,

A pedestal of upright intentions, paving a highway to the sweltering lake, set-ablaze.

I bare flesh to be branded, and awaits, a dossier,

which is brandished, but to no aim.


You said:

“Welcome to the first day of class,”

With an earnest smile and open arms,

Unbeknownst, I admit, I never noticed my demise.


Marinating in papers and knowledge,

I believed myself brilliant, and awaited my entrance to college.

Your encouragement rang loud, but your intentions seemed murky,

I did not realize I was a cooked turkey!


Chagrin, I am.

Your promises of a beauteous future fall on deaf ears.


Money, time, dreams, hopes, beliefs, are spent!


Your Proletarian system appears saintly and divine,

but is cloaked in the malevolent,

The Forbidden Fruit, I have feasted upon.

and you, the coiled Snake have duped me!


I am the Dais Hussy,

Whom stands upon the pedestal of explicit examples,

I am ashamed to be the product of education,

Without a future. 

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