A Cent More

A Cent More
"Spare some change"
so common a phrase
among those sitting on the sidewalk
Who are they?
They are the poor
the ones who have more tragedy in one day than you will in your lifetime
the ones who see the hearts of most people more than you ever will
the one who freeze to death because you value your coat more
the ones who will starve because you ignore their pleas
They are the Homeless
Most homeless will have more room in their heart than your big house
most homeless will give their food to those who they feel need it more
most homeless are neglected because of the stereotypes
most homeless are kinder than those around them
most homeless just want a warm bed and a full belly
The world has become to busy and narcissistic to realize
that if you looked on that street corner you try to fly by
you would see a poor human just like you
and all they ask for is
"A cent more" 
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