United States

You open your dazzling silver eyes

And let your golden eyelashes brush against your cyan cheeks

Lavender hair spilling out across your shoulders and chest

Wispy grass

Lush and green comforts every muscle in your body

And fills your nose with the sweet scent of nature

Your tribe is already awake

Smoky breakfast of fire baked roots and cold fruits

Are pouring out of woven baskets

Lined up symmetrically on wooden spokes

Your ice white lips whisper greetings to the tribe


And you sit down in the circle of friends surrounding the fire


And song ensues

Curling your icy lips into a genuine smile

 Today you break the news

Your heart has chosen to leave the tribe

In the spirit of adventure

And self conquest

Your tribe nods in agreement


Those silver eyes sparkle as you look ahead across the plains

The grass whispers as it sways in the wind

Awaiting your conquest

Cheering you on

The stars, hidden now in the morning light

Nod silently,

Prepared to watch over you

And keep you safe

As they have done

For many others before

Turning to your family

The golden light catches on your lavender hair

Making you appear godlike as you whisper to them


I’ll see you again.

I’ll see you again.

There are no mountains and no oceans of which you cannot cross

Simply a journey of natures beauty cradling you in her arms

For this is no planet earth

But one unseen by human eyes

Unscathed by pollution and waste

Inhabited only by humanesque creatures

Nomadic and godlike

Built of constellations

And guided by dreams


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