celebrating the beginning.

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 00:12 -- xmilkax


Why is it that when that name comes up, everyone grins?

its the time of year where you buy pencils, papers and pins.

I'm proud of myself for the path i chose to go,

wouldn't imagine myself here ages ago.

Just like everyone look foward to passing grades, and leaving

I look foward to learning and finding what i want to do with my life,

all part of dreaming.

Most of you, are not grateful for what you have or good at,

see i had to strive twice as hard to where i arrived at.

Friends and teachers say im good at math,

i believe its a sign to my future path.

when i look back, i laughed a lot at the teacher's jokes,

most of whch classes i was ready and awoke.

high school experience is one to remember,

thats why i'm always excited for september.




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