The Cave

Not mad, sad nor happy

Just tried and sleepless.

Laying in bed,

Just thinking and thinking.

My dreams are blurring,

along with my life.

My head is getting to loud,

I can no longer fight.

Where is my help?

Death is in sight!

My head is to heavy,

And the lights are so dim,

It started during the winter.

And still hasn’t end.

No calls, texts nor messages,

Sooo tired and sleepless!

Can you talk to me for a sec?,

My thoughts would be speechless!

With a drink in my hand,

 A smile on my face.

All  people are great,

Until I reawake.

I’m locked in bed,

Wishing I was dead.

Free me from this dungeon!,

my mind needs to be fed.

The time will come,

my plug is pulled.

The smile I once had,

Won’t be so blue?

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