Caucasian Female Predicaments


United States
38° 33' 26.3628" N, 90° 32' 6.8496" W

There has never been a harder time
To be a woman with my complexion
Okay, sure, once women were property
They couldn't vote
They couldn't drive
But you know what?
They too were considered a minority.
You're a woman? Here's a college scholarship.
You're a white woman? Oops sorry, never mind.

Is it my fault I was born as the minority of the majority,
Lacking the privileges of my snowy male counterparts
But still not dark enough to the so-called philanthropists.
Is it my fault I was born this way?
I'm not Indian, Black, or gay.
You're white, you're privileged, it’s automatic.
Yeah, my parents make money
But who says I get any of it
You want me to pay for college all by myself because
You've got enough white girls who can pay for their own chances
So doesn't that make it harder
For white girls nowadays to get smarter

Rap beef
Original gangster
No, I don’t know what DSL is
Unless you’re referring to dial-up internet
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
What about the real William Shakespeare!
So don’t roll your eyes at me
I know I’m freaking oblivious
Don’t give me flack
Do you know what Filipendulous is?

Reverse Discrimination
This is a white girl problem, my friends
It makes it so hard to complain
I'm upper middle class without a penny to my name
My parents' have their expenses too
Sure my parents can afford a house and clothes
But have you seen college prices these days?
Without scholarship
I have to take out students loans
My nonexistent credit rating goes through the ground
I'm in the hole before I start to dig
Constantly buried up to my nose, unable to make a sound


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