A cats moonlight path

Stumbling down a moonlight path 

The cat morosely continues down the walk

Hanging its head 

Comforted by the light of the stars

It continues on swaying to a music only it could hear

Spider webs hung from branches 

And wolves howled in the distance 

Barren trees swayed within the mist that surrounds the dirt road 

It would cause quite a fright 

But not to the cat

It continues to hobble down the path

Licking the moonlight off of its whiskers

Stopping to drunkenly swipe at a mouse that had run across its path

Of course 

It didn't catch it

Dejected, the cat continued it’s twisted walk 

Stumbling and tumbling over roots and spruce 

Endless was its trail

And boundless was its hope 

The cat teetered on the edge of exhaustion

As the moon continued to wane in the sky after many moons 

But never the light of sun

The cat had resorted to a slow crawl

Dragging its belly through the compact dirt

It swallowed rocks and leaves anything else on the road

Because it no longer had the energy to lift its head

Starving and tired, it wouldn’t stop 

It couldn’t


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Hi FluffSauce,how are you?

This is a great pen.



Thank you so much! This means so much to me.

I'm doing great, thank you; how are you?

And I was wondering if you had any advice on how to improve :)

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