Catch It Before It's Gone

Driving down the highway, breeze caressing my locks.

Palm trees, blue water, sunshine,

Icy mountain tops, and thrill in the cable car.

Is there a way to capture these sights?

A picture, a video, a Twitter post perhaps.


Cerberus growls in the depths of my stomach,

Looking this way and that like a dog for its owner.

Waiter arrives, “Enjoy!”, I certainly will!

Glazed buns glistening under God’s grace.

Nose hair arise at the anthem of General Sirloin and his beefy aroma.

Come, come, bask in the refuge of my mouth.

But first, is there a way to capture this moment?

A picture, a video, an Instagram post perhaps


“I do”, two words that break decades of silence.

Lips press like sown magnets.

Ready for harvest are her tomato-red cheeks.

Ready for embrace is my longing body.

Clapping and cheering fading away in the midst of her eyes.

Is there a way to capture this feeling?

A picture, a video?

A poem perhaps.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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