Cat, Dog and the Fox


United States
32° 47' 33.4536" N, 117° 4' 24.6864" W

The cat, with a stern face walks alone.
With shoulders back and head held high
Taking in what little love given and always looking forward.

The dog smiles stupidly towards all strangers alike.
Always wagging its tail in delight.
Drowning in love due to ignorant loyalty that is admired.

The fox smirks at humans and calls them dumb.
Finding the cat and the dog silly, walking beside humans.
Often said to be clever, independent and wild.

The cat values every moment of happiness in life.
The dog puts others before it even when abandoned.
The fox looks at the world with sad eyes truly wishing to be loved.

The cat dies remembering the best of times.
The dog dies with a smile and regrets nothing.
The fox dies crying and alone, wishing to be born again
As the cat or the dog or even a human.


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