The Cat that ate my muse!

Sat, 03/24/2018 - 16:01 -- Rawice

After days of needing some inspiration

With a lot of stress and perspiration

I decided to sell my creative muse

Since, as of late he has been of little use

I have no idea what I should ask

Since he takes naps while on the task

My cat thought I was about to sell a mouse

He chased me throughout the house

I tried to tell him a muse is not a meal

He asked why do you act hungry like I feel

That cat does have a point I guess

But this muse is making such a mess

Of all my personal thoughts and poems

I should go trade him for some gnomes

I finally know what I have to do

And my muse will not have any clue

I'll pretend to write a creative verse

Instead I'll place on him a curse.

I'll tell the cat he is a mouse!

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