The Cat


United States
38° 35' 3.3504" N, 90° 21' 4.6872" W

Out of Sight. Out of Mind.
sometimes it’s hard to find
the paradise I had in mind
I fight with all my might and
I’m still here. You’re still there.
Out of Sight. Still in Mind.

I slouched on the couch
Glanced at the knock on the kitty door
The only spot you can fit to slink inside
Which I boarded with cardboard
Stapled messily and duct-taped
The evidence out and about not hard to find
The objects I used to lock you out
scattered on the floor

I brought my attention
Toward the television screen
Ridding the tension
Ridding the screams
Of the memories we hold so dear
Out of sight. Still in Mind.

I hear the scratch sound and cringe:
It is the sound of you stalking me again
I look towards the window
Looking at you the cat clawing to get in

I raise an eyebrow
my eyes narrow glaring at you
As I unfold my arms I sigh
I go to the window slide it open
And shove you off.
Now out of sight. Still in mind.

When you are here
I don’t want you to be
for you to protect me from fear?
deep down you are my fear
for you to care for me and be near?
you tried that and that’s a fact

But now you’re gone
sadly, its what I wanted for so long
over time you drift in my mind
but not so much after time

Eventually you creep back into my life
As you step and make noise above
I look beyond and sigh
“What now?”
I hear the thump as you enter home

Dirty from the remains of ash
From the chimney you so rudely
Dropped in
thoughts of time between then and now
I’m here. You’re here.
In Sight. Out of Mind.


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