From Castles to Colleges

Seeing nothing but the sparkling dresses

Only concerned with who will be princess

Problems don't exist in make-believe land

Danger is dampened by the bright daylight 

No one is anxious about making friends 

You simply ask them if they want to play

Hair and clothing is a minor concern

Ah, to be a child and to be carefree


First day of school is always a concern 

Having no clue who I will know in class

Will the homework be too hard and trying?

Will the teachers be supportive and kind?

These questions float in my head all day long

I tell myself to talk to a classmate

It takes considerable confidence

"I live dangerously" is not my phrase


I am resolved to be relaxed at last 

Walking on the university grounds

I thing about the memories I'll make 

Trying my best is all I can hope for 

I will be calm even when it's crazy 

I am looking forward to the future 

But I also ground myself in the now

Peacefulness will be my friend forever


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