Cast Off

 Cast off my depression remains

Like dew drops from a rainy day

No more wounds open wide

Unable to recognize another cry

A birth of new thoughts in mind

Like a species of only one kind

No more wants of suicide

Cast off are wants to end my life

For a new sensation has now rised

Of love, joy, and peace of mind

For one’s own course leads astray

Where no love can ever stay

Like a child from a mother kept away

But now suddenly it comes again

The loss of life and a long known friend

To feel the hatred rise back up

Hence why there is no truth in luck

Although right, selfishness is seen

Like a gang fighting an innocent teen

Cast on again is this endless pain

Of hate and sorrow to remain

For protection is all I wanted to give

But now I’m lost in the life I live

Because hate is all I receive here

Therefore cast on again is my end so near


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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