In Case You Were Confused

When people you don't know tell you you have beautiful hair

When hair stylists tell you that if they could bottle your colour they'd be rich

When people get possessive about your hair

And tell you you can't dye it

Or cut it off

Because then some of that colour would be gone

You might be a redhead


When your skin is pale

And freckled

And burns easily

(or even just some of these)

You might be a redhead


When you hate your hair because it draws attention to you

But love it because even you think it's pretty

With all the colours hidden in the mass of yellow, orange, and red

You might be a redhead


When Some People try to insult you by calling you a ginger

When Some People create a day to abuse you

And others lovingly rename you the same

And others take the day Some People made

And use it to give you all the love you deserve

You might be a redhead


Souless and hot tempered

Sexy girls and ugly boys


And you might be a redhead



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