A case of covid - b.s

Fri, 05/22/2020 - 11:20 -- JasiEL

Like a chain gang of slaves stepping to the beat of a drum/
No roads to dig up or tracks to lay, no man on a horse with a gun on display/
We spread out wide enough to the same depth where the coffins are lay/
Under the earth where the worm resides in the corpse of resting eyes/
Oblivious to the marching shuffle of feet in every line, waiting to go to work or in need of something to buy/
How did we get to this?
An unseen enemy has put the fear in people that death is waiting/
It has brought to the surface what people are really concerned with/
Living.....even if it means chained to a sinking ship that is the economy/
All these chain gangs are led by an unseen enemy, riding a black horse holding a scythe only seen by sober minded reformers/
Since when did we become slave to capitalism and consumerism?
Where did we stray from to now find ourselves six feet apart, hoping/
Hope in the people we chose to put in power, only to have them take freedoms and rights like they were never ours/
" people are really dying though, what you think this is all just a lie?"
Just saying, people died in the war that involved the world before and out of that a nation was born/
People are dying around the world in a war against an unseen enemy and from this a system is being formed/
Fear has gripped the hearts and minds of men, to what end?
If only the minds tied to the sinking ship would awake, to see that the chain gang and the fear is satanically placed/
If you knew what I knew, and seen what I seen, would you still be asleep and shackled?
I guess you'll never know if after reading this like a dream is all but forgotten/
Then sleep and rest heavy for not even the clanking chains or the ice cold water will wake you/
Can you not feel me trying to pierce through the waters with these words to shake you?

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Our world


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