Carry On

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 01:33 -- Pleione

What is there to do when your whole culture has been uprooted and shunned
Identity relies on oral tradition and storytelling
because textbooks are too afraid to tell the truth.

Will we be proud of what we’re not?
Will we compromise?
Forget who we are?
Why are we selling ourselves to the lowest bidder?

Elders clawed into pavement providing history for generations
Who are we to not do the same?

Conditioned and pampered to fear death and be content.

Is it possible we’ll be afraid to visit the home we’ve never been to?
Afraid to speak our minds?
To stand up for what we believe in against all odds?

Why aren’t we writing history like we used to?
Pathfinders waiting in heavens to exchange stories of heroism with their kin.
Will we going to be the generation to disappoint them?

Let’s embrace our heritage, wear that “A” on your chest and thrust your fist in the air!
Because we are


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