Carpe Diem

Whatever you want it to be

What ever can you say

You say it's all about seizing the day

The day which was tomorrow

Tomorrow which will be oppurtunity

Oppurtunity which will be another day

Another set of hours

Hours for us to prove

We fill our lives to be proved worthwhile

If our worth really is worth the while

Really what are we trying to prove?

Whatever we want this life to be

To love, to laugh, to live the fullest

The only way to fill our lives

Is to live the only way we choose to

Choose another way

Choose again

And claim it, clutch it, hold onto it

Hold the power of deciding the path you travel

Travelling has taken you this far

Let it take you farther

Take you down a road you need to see

Carpe Diem

Just like me



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