Carefree to Stressful

Last year I was carefree,

As much as a high schooler can be.

I played football and threw the discus,

I partied and really did not miss much.

Oh, that was the life fo me.

No worry plagued me for long,

Not when I could just dally along.

I wish that was still the case,

But, alas, I had to grow a mustache on my face.

Senior year is full of AP and Honors classes,

School time goes by so slow it is like watching molasses.

Yet I am expected to pick a college,

To fill my head with tons of knowledge,

Then go out and start my career,

All before I am even allowed to drink a beer.

Wish I had super powers,

To see the future and know what matters.

Life has become stressful,

Studying until late certainly is not restful.

But I am confident I'll makethe best life choices,

After listening to all the wisdom filled voices.

My new life awaits me.


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