The Cards I Was Dealt

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 14:36 -- thurles


I guess I could have went to that abortion clinic

I could have went through with it

I could have killed a living life

Instead, I am suffering sleepless nights


Now he is 7 months old, and each day I love him more

While my college friends are enjoying themselves

Drinking, while their outfits scream "RAPE ME!"

I am at home struggling in college raising a baby


Countless arguments with who I thought was the love of my life

"Stop calling me a bitch!" I scream.

But I am still not heard

I just want it to feel good....but its changed


Like a thief came through in the night

I have been robbed

Or rather robbed myself


My youth is gone

I am a mother now

Living with a broken love--stolen dreams

Just trying to make it and get a degree so I don't  have to live again in poverty


See around me no one understands my struggle

Life is hard and everyday is a hustle


Before I could find myself, I lost myself

I guess these were just the cards I was dealt.



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