Captured Love

Hades, You were never a saint. And yet still I remember your tears streaming down my face. Abducted, in this deceptively, beautiful place. But darling you were no saint. Voices echoed dripping with disdain, as my family felt the gravity of my pain. Pretty, delicate blood stained hands trying to erase. The black mascara that trickled down my face. And as the light dulled and became faint. I recalled your touch. No sweetheart you were no saint. Your sins will never be right. The burden of both our hearts is showered in a neverending light. And I could lie and say that I want it to end. But I could never. Because the prospect of leaving would mean that our love would die forever.  No Hades, I could scream. Jump up and down for hours to argue. To explain to them that some things are wrong. The heart you were accused of is not true. And I could try and take the blame like I always did.  Hades, you were never a saint, not even a man. But you were only just a kid. 

Yours, Persephone 


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