In captivity of our own identities

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 09:43 -- Phil123
We are in captivity of our own identities
Trapped within the walls of our own negativity
Why do I need a curtain when my personality should be clear to see?
Hiding my true self from the world, It makes it hard to sleep
I thought that it was us but the curtain splits us into you and me
I'm the true color while you're just what I want everybody to see
Too scared so I deceive
Too afraid to receive
Too ignorant to know that being the real me is what the world wants me to be,
But what if they don't accept my true demeanor and everything I want to achieve
It drives me right back behind that curtain while giving that fake image all the power it needs
If only I had the strength in my heart to believe
That getting from behind the curtain and having faith as strong as a tree
Planted by the still waters of the sea
I would have all I need... to be me


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