Captain of My Ship

“Oh captain, oh my captain “ my mother wanted to hear from my lips

As she takes control of my ship as it sails through the seas of life.

Taking it in the direction I do not wish to go.

Leading she to a port when I want her out in the rough waters of the seas.

I know what my ship wants,

I can hear her cries as my mother takes the wrong way of her wishes.

Why would my ship any different from I?

I am the captain of my own ship, My mother does not want to hear.

She will not want to hear I am willing to throw her overboard.

My mother will hate it when she becomes part of the crew of my ship

When “Captain” no longer leave my lips when I address her.

She is going to hate when I tell her no

“I am the captain of my ship.”

Her eyes will cloud with anger when she is no longer in control.

But what a shame it would be when I throw her overboard when I take my ship back.

How the smile on  my face will be bright when I hear “Captain”


This poem is about: 
My family


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