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Key word Trust.

Something that didn't come easy to me. The one thing that was broken into little pieces and thrown down to the floor so it can easily just be stepped on to make me feel like i was nothing. To the freshman girl in the corner of the class, you'll see, he's here. But you just don't know it. Im you and I'm telling you right now.don't disappear like you wished you could put the razor down because you think you are unfit for this shit. .

You'll be good. You'll do good. The next two years are going to be good years to.

Until you turn 16 and now you feel the aching.the feeling of not breathing, to the point all you want to be doing is sleeping.

He fucked up I know.

You're broken I know

She was a fucking hoe we all know

He cheated with her.

You feel betrayed in a way.

Tear runs down your face.

You can't keep it in like you've been doing and you're afraid. Showing your emotion in a state of place you've learned to keep in and cast it away.

But halfway of you restricting those emotions

You receive a hug and you don't feel so broken,

In that moment I saw him.

Captain Swift

Before he was just a stranger

But now he became my mentor

As our bond grew stronger

I had finally felt something that i had lost



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