Capoeira, Minha Felicidade

I know girls who move like the wind over waves

And boys who sing like the pirates

That sailed them so long ago.

I know a place

Where tire irons and wood

Create music that makes my heart sing.

If I could tell you more,

I would.

But I don’t know what to call it.

A physical



Of a beautiful and once in a lifetime conversation?

I wish I could tell you.

I really do.

But I’d have to show you.

That’s the only way you’d see the light in it that I do.

Because my world

Has flowing circles made of people

With centers

Made of flying feet and hands

And an energy so thick

It forces problems from your mind

The weight from your body

And the heaviness from your brow.

My world is that beautiful.

I’ve only just arrived

But the movement has taken me.

Shown me things I’ve never seen before

The upright intimacy of two bodies

The give and take of space surrounding us

And the happy accidents that can happen

If you let the universe guide your movements

 And just do what feels natural.

I’m trying.

And every week I try a little harder

And breathe a little easier

At the end of my two hours soaring.

My footsteps are a little lighter

And the night I walk into after every practice

Doesn’t seem so dark.

There’s so much  

In this new world I’ve found.

It’s almost overwhelming to look at.

But it lifts me in ways

I haven’t been lifted

In a very long while.

Therefore I am grateful.

For the bodies of wind

And pirate songs

That bring a smile to my face every Tuesday.

I can only hope

That one day

You’ll let me bring you too.


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