Mon, 11/11/2013 - 11:58 -- m__23

Canyon If I took your words too harshlyWhile walking down this path my feet would've surely grown heavy and given in to the windMeaning when I've reached the end of this pathI probably would've jumped over a thousand timesMeaning I've would've stopped yearned to kick dust up at the bottomAnd I would've enjoyed grasping the breeze racing through the gaps between my fingertipsAs I clenched it pretending it would slow down my untimely end and allow this fall to last almost foreverMeaning I can savour the thrill for that junkie inside me Who wants nothing more than something to play withPlay as in the olden days when children laughed and scraped knees climbed trees and got stuck on gatesJust becauseThey felt like it and it didn't matter because they were happyHappyThey almost had it too easyThan being happy was no longer cool because everyone has to care about what everyone is doingBut those freaking young urchins didn't careThey were too busy with their buffooneryUntil they grew up and were forced over the edge of this canyon Why would I leave myself here?

Guide that inspired this poem: 



When writing this poem I was in a mood, and I believe it helped me express how exactly I was feeling


When writing this poem I was in a mood, and I feel like Canyon fully expresses how exactly I was feeling

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