I can't tell you how I feel

I have a crush on you

But how do I tell you

I can't express the feelings that are going through my veins

And if I could tell you

You would be all mine

But I can't tell you

Cuz I have accept  the fact that you're not mine

And wasn't to begin with

You would see the true feelings I have for you

But you can't

Cuz my feelings are locked behind closed doors

Where no one could get a chance to hurt me

I also can't accept

And to see you with someone else

Cuz it would crush my very heart

But I have to let every memory of you go

Cause the time we had is the past

And I  need to worry about the future

I just want let you know I can't get you off of my mind

And I don't what I  to mess up our relationship

I just don't want these feeling about you to go away

But that all my mind can think of

I can't take  this shit anymore

I need you in my life

But you kicked me to the side

To someone that's not me

How do I get over that

How can I bare a broken heart

If all I think about is you

I have to find someone else

But you're all I can think of

And how is that even fair

It not cuz I could be

Thinking about someone other than you

But I need to get you off my mind

But you're the only thing I could focus on

I know there is someone out there that is just like

I just have to wait for the to come

So I can let the feeling that I have for you disappear

And you will no longer hear

How  i feel about you

Cuz my feeling will always remain the same

And you will never know

How i really feel about you deep down

Maybe i'll tell you some day

For now i just want to keep it to myself


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