cant hurt you

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 02:29 -- sterguy

Love is rich

sometimes its a bitch

or a witch

that cast a spell that makes you twitch 

untill you cant take another inch , away

from the girl that first said hey

that would later on say

she was in love

with your hugs

and yalls first kiss

over welming feelings of bliss that hissed

and now snaped love away

cause you were cra

and tried it again, but this time with her friend

back to your knees

begging her please, stay

but as she leaves 

and feels deceived 

and its hard to breath

you took the quick relief 

everyone in disbelief 

she has to be debriefed 

hes no more on his feet

laying peacefully

6 feet down

love cant get you now.




To my cousin 


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