Can't Hold Back My Love For You ~ A Poem About Her

Sun, 01/17/2016 - 21:27 -- cody123

I Love you.. more than you know
I Love you.. and I'll keep my vow
I Love you.. and I'll supress my woe

I Love you.. As a whole
I need you.. you're my soul
I Love you.. and I'll carry out my role

Baby.. I guess it's clear from every sign
You know I'm yours and you're mine
When I'm around you everything goes fine

I want you to kiss my eyes
And tell me no lies
I want you to hold me
I want you to feel me
I want you to take me
In your heart with no return
Baby.. about you I'm really concerned

I wanna stare at you all the time
When you cry or sad..laugh or smile
Even if it is for a short while

I wanna stare at you
When you walk.. talk.. eat or drink
Baby.. about you I always think

I want you to take me
To control all of me
My heart.. my thoughts.. my mind
I want you always by my side
From your love I'll never hide
Cause this pure love I long to find

I want you to conquer me
To love me
To care for me

I wanna kiss your tears and pain away
I wanna always be there for you when you need me

I wanna shout out loud ' I LOVE YOU '
So it can reach you
I wanna sing for you
Smile to you
Give you me with no regrets
I love you my perfect lover


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