Can't help but wonder

I have a lot of "my" stuff scattered around his house

I wonder if these things remind him of me

I wonder if it makes him miss what we had, feeling those feelings again

Or I wonder if he has just thrown it all out; having not a care in the world

The 'daddy' shoes I bought him, splayed across the floor in the front room

The box of mac n cheese he insisted on getting for when I spent the night, still left unopened

The wooden spoon sat in his kitchen with a very specific purpose

The birthday gifts and holiday presents

The homemade cards and 'I miss you' art

Little hair clips of mine found stuck to the curtains

My toothbrush left on the counter, closest to the wall

A big empty bed that I'm no longer in and my voice that can't be heard around the house anymore

I wonder if you talk to Harvey about me when you are alone

I wonder if your sisters ask where I went

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder

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